Building Customized Solar Dryers

We deal in both direct and indirect solar dryers and components. Through our experienced experts, we can help you have a customized solar dryer design that will effectively meet your production needs.

Solar Dryer Input Materials

We provide quality inputs for building or repairing a solar dryer such as food friendly drying trays, shade nets, UV plastic-Clear 150 Microns & more.

Solar Dryer Maintenance Services

Through our team of experts, we also help farmers with solar dryers in maintaining & putting them in condition for drying purposes

Solar dryer building training services

In our mission to spread green solutions in agriculture, we will also be providing extensive trainings on building different solar dryers cheaply through our expert teams.

Consultancy & Advisory Services

Our experts are ready to hear from you and provide effective solutions to your questions

Drying & packaging of farm produce

Since some of the farmers are not able to setup solar dryers for various reasons such as cost, production quantity and so on, we are seting up a drying centre where we will help this group of farmers dry and package their produce at a fee.

Need Solar Dryer for fruits & vegetables?

Popular Inputs


Drying Trays

Food friendly drying trays; lightweight, easy to load and clean, and won’t rust.

Shade Nets

Shade Cloth is typically manufactured from High Density Polyethylene . This fabric is extremely strong and can be treated at the time of manufacture with UV inhibitors to ensure that it can withstand years out in the harsh sun.

Features: Protection against UV exposure, heat, wind, rain and hail Shade factor: 50%, 75%, 90%Features:

UV plastic-Clear 150 Microns

Anti UV-treated Polyethylene Film for greenhouses, nurseries, or tunnel rows. Advantages of using UV plastic are:

    Blocks UV light transmission Prevents leaf-burn Reduce whiteflies, aphids, and thrips Protects against adverse weather conditions Durable against sun damage 2 to 4 year life expectancy Excellent stretchability and resistance to tear

The polytunnel sheeting reflects back the heat part of the sunlight in summer and lowers the leaf or fruit temperature, as well as the operators temperature. Thickness – 150 Micron (mu) / 600 Gauge Order today, and you’ll receive your package in the shortest time possible.