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Solar Dryers Kenya, is a programme by Delicious Mushrooms Kenya that aims at promoting climate smart Agriculture by encouraging eco-friendly farming practices that boosts farm productivity and best responds to the impact of  climate change.

Our main objective is to help small holder farmers in Africa to improve both crop yield and household security. We are driven to constantly innovate and improve our technology to  make solar powered drying solutions truly affordable to millions of farmers in the planet.

Our products are built under very high hygienic conditions using food friendly materials that do not alter with the property of the produce being dried such as taste, color, nutrition etc.

The solar dries are cost effective, reliable to small scale farmers and greatly help the farmers curb post harvest loses hence improve food security in our societies.


Solar Dryer for fruits & Vegetable

We deal in both direct and indirect solar dryers and components. Through our experienced experts, we can help you have a customized solar dryer design that will effectively meet your production needs.

Solar Dryer Maintenance,Inputs & Advisory

We can also help you service, repair and provide you with the necessary inputs (materials) for your solar dryer.



Get started with high-performance solar food drying quickly and easily with our complete, ready-to-assemble kit! Made with high-quality materials and manufactured with care to deliver great results and years of enjoyment.

  • The fastest, easiest, and best way to dry food under the sun!
  • Dries up more food with just one or two days of sunshine.
  • large food trays provide more drying area.
  • Delivers maximum drying performance from 100% solar energy and gets food as dry as you like.
  • The compact and light weight dryers are easy to use; easy to move around; easy to store
  • The clear solar glazing blocks all ultraviolet rays, while transmitting solar energy from the visible and infrared spectrums.
  • Easily control drying temperature with adjustable venting controls (more venting = more air flow = lower temperature).
  • All vent openings are screened to keep insects out.
  • Made in Nairobi, Kenya.



  1. Operates outdoors so the heat and odors don’t go indoors, like they do with electric dryers.
  2. It’s more fun with solar energy and the power of the sun, you get great results fast.
  3. Quiet. No noisy fans that run constantly in electric dryers.
  4. Save energy and money. Solar drying saves you $1 to $2 per load in electricity costs over electric drying.
  5. Cabinet keeps food secure, clean, and dry, even if it rains.
  6. Capture and preserve the summer’s nutritious bounty for enjoyment all year


Our solar dryers are made for a long life of outdoor food drying.

  1. Solid wood cabinet/frames for strength, durability, and beauty (made with cedar legs and attractive, exterior plywood cabinet that is formaldehyde-free )
  2. Absorber metallic trays/frames is rust-free, black powder-coated, heavy-duty aluminum to capture and distribute heat evenly for consistent drying results.
  3. Aluminum screen frames are sturdy, lightweight, easy to load and clean, and won’t rust.



What’s Included in the solar dryer Kit?

  1. The complete cabinet ready to assemble
  2. All hardware, handles, vent adjuster, and fasteners
  3. Aluminum absorber trays, powder-coated flat black, cut and drilled to fit or net trays
  4. Assembly instructions and operating tips

No wood or metal cutting required. No special tools or skills needed.

Assembled Dimensions: varies

Meet our Responsible Team

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we make sure you’re investing where the best returns are. Our employees are dedicated team players who bring energy, ideas and pride to their work.

Roussoss Demisse

Client Head

He is committed in providing effective solutions for your inquiries & timely delivery of your needs.

Office Line:+254 735 803 239

Mobile:+254 705 210 033


Elias Kai


He is responsible for administering our programme activities to ensure that we offer only the best.

Office Line:+254 735 803 239


Robert Isaiah

Team Head

Robert is a graduate in Agricultural Extension with deep knowledge of green solution in agriculture. He helps to ensure that the client needs and intentions are adequately met.

Office Line:0986622474