Brilliant Idea

Drying the farm produce is a brilliant idea to curb post harvest loses, prolong the produce shelf life and helps curb household food insecurity.

Unique Designs

We have an array of different types of solar dryers both direct and indirect solar dryers

Global Network

We custom make the solar dryers to best meet your needs. They can be built in the workshop or custom built at the site.

About the dryers

No Chemicals are Used

No chemicals are used to preserve the produce during drying.

Suitable for small scale farmers

The solar dryers can be set even in rural areas where there are no electricity for industrial drying.


Curb Post-harvest loses

The dryers help farmers preserve their surplus produce

Better Prices

The dried produce normally fetch better prices than the fresh ones in most markets

About our Solar Dryers

Get started with high-performance solar food drying quickly and easily with our complete, ready-to-assemble kit! Made with high-quality materials and manufactured with care to deliver great results and years of enjoyment.

  1. The fastest, easiest, and best way to dry food under the sun!
  2. Dries up more food with just one or two days of sunshine.
  3. large food trays provide more drying area.
  4. Delivers maximum drying performance from 100% solar energy and gets food as dry as you like.
  5. The compact and light weight dryers are easy to use; easy to move around; easy to store
  6. The clear solar glazing blocks all ultraviolet rays, while transmitting solar energy from the visible and infrared spectrums.
  7. Easily control drying temperature with adjustable venting controls (more venting = more air flow = lower temperature).
  8. All vent openings are screened to keep insects out.
  9. Made in Nairobi, Kenya.


  1. Operates outdoors so the heat and odors don’t go indoors, like they do with electric dryers.
  2. It’s more fun with solar energy and the power of the sun, you get great results fast.
  3. Quiet. No noisy fans that run constantly in electric dryers.
  4. Save energy and money. Solar drying saves you $1 to $2 per load in electricity costs over electric drying.
  5. Cabinet keeps food secure, clean, and dry, even if it rains.
  6. Capture and preserve the summer’s nutritious bounty for enjoyment all year

Produce that can be dried using Solar Dryer

  • Mushrooms,Dates,Moringa,Sweet,Potatoes,Bananas,Moringa, mango,Lemon,Apples,Tomatoes,Pearls,Plum,Pears, Strawberries, Peaches, Seedless grapes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Squash,Herbs, coffee, cocoa, cucumber, Oregano, chilli, vegetables,Apricots, Nuts, Grains,And more,

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What our trusted clients saying

Mushroom Kenya Solar Dryer

We are the first beneficiaries of the solar dryer that help us dry oyster mushrooms for our clients who order dry type

Drying Mushrooms

Isaac Musyoki

I have been able to preserve my vegetables using the solar dryer for later use when the vegetables are scarce in the market.

Drying Vegetables

Abi Farm

The solar dryer built on the farm has helped me to dry my chilli for export purpose.

Drying Chilli